10 Effective SEO Tips For Bloggers


Bloggers always find challenges in making the blog interesting. They may not be able to link back the targeted audience. So, it is important to use strategies that can make the blog effective resulting in greater rankings in search engines.

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Title Tags

Create title tags as these are shown as headline in search results. Title tags are very important. The title tag should not be greater than 70 characters. It is important to include keywords into the title tag. So if internet user is searching that particular keyword, the chances of placing the website in initial search results are greater.

Short Descriptive URL

Use short descriptive URL and it is preferred that you use keywords in this. This helps in creating ranks in search engine as the URL contain the keywords.

Hyphen In URL

Always use hyphens in the URL and most of the platform uses the hyphen or underscores to separate post title. A title helps in creating more visibility when it comes to search engine results.

Use Anchor Text

Use anchor text instead of click here while linking. Anchor text can be embedded behind keywords. Hyper link about the details of the blog or even can include an illustration about something interesting. This helps in getting the attention of the users and if the users are interested they backlink to these blogs.

Host Blog on Paid Hosting

Always host the blog in the main domain rather than using in WordPress, blogger and tumblr. Google does not give credit for the traffic created in these blogs. Google credits can be gained if the blog is hosted in the main domain of the company if it is relating to a particular product or service.

Optimized White Papers

Use optimized white papers as it helps in creating awareness among the consumers if the blog is related to a company’s products and services. It helps to boost SEO by creating inbound links. This results in driving traffic into these sites.

Blog Submitting in Directories

Submitting the blog URL to website and article directories helps in creating traffic to these blogs. This helps in creating more visitors to the blog. The search engine can easily find these blogs and index these blogs with the search engine results. It is important that inbound linking should be made in websites where the content of the blog is relevant to.

Content Optimization

The content of the page need to be optimized and it is a difficult task. The quality of the content should be high and should be presented in a way that helps the reader to read it easily. The keywords have to be used in the content so as to reach the targeted audience when they search using these keywords. You can include keywords as much as possible as because it creates greater ranking in SEO.

Social Networks

Social networks can be used as a platform for these blogs. If the content of the blog is of great interest putting those hyperlinks in these social media helps in getting the attention of larger audience.

Google Analytics

Use Google analytics which helps in finding what are the keywords that led to your blog are. This helps in identifying the keywords that can help a blog.

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