12 Free Tools to Create Your Own Surveys and Polls

Online Surveys and polls are a great way to create interest on your blog. They drive the traffic volumes up, earn you many inbound links and are the perfect way to consolidate user data! You don’t have to break the bank to buy survey and poll tools though – these 12 tools are absolutely free! You may be interested to read the following articles to boost the traffic to your blog or website.


Free Online Surveys
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1. FreeOnlineSurveys.com

This easy to use free online survey questionnaire software allows multiple ways of sharing the survey form, such as email, HTML code and URL. The data collection happens in real time. You can use the data consolidation and reporting feature to create colorful charts. You can customize and rebrand your survey by using your logo, videos and images, pre-cast survey form designs and so on.

2. KwikSurveys.com

KwikSurveys allows unlimited surveys, questions, answers; you can download your survey results in multiple formats such as MS Word, Excel and Open office documents. You can brand your survey with your logo and company theme, and embed them directly into HTML webpages and forums. All your survey data is safely backed up and remains safe on Kiwisurveys’ servers.

3. PollCode.com

With PollCode, you can type up to 30 possible answers to your poll. PollCode offers you multiple poll customization options – you can tweak the colors, fonts and other settings. Once you’ve configured your poll form, you’ll get an HTML code snippet to embed into your website, and a poll URL for sharing.

4. Zoomerang.com

Using Zoomerang, you can quickly create, email and publish your survey URL on forums. You also get a code snippet to embed into your website. You can customize any of the several pre-set survey templates such as Customer Satisfaction surveys with your own fonts, colors and logo.

5. SurveyMonkey.com

With SurveyMonkey, you can create your survey and select your target audience on the SurveyMonkey site itself. This helps you target people with specific demographic and behavioral traits. Over 30+ million people take SurveyMonkey surveys every month, which ensures a diverse group of people whom you can profile.

6. ESurveysPro.com

You start by creating a survey using the eSurveysPro.com survey editor. Any kind of survey is possible, very simple to highly complex.  Once you’ve done it, you can easily email your surveys, or place the survey link on any website or forum. You can use eSurveysPro.com’s mailing system to track your survey emails. You can also minutely analyze real-time results at a very granular level using eSurveysPro.com’s reports. You can also export survey data using tools such as Excel or SPSS.


Free Online Polls
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7. Google Forms

Using Google Forms, you can quickly run a survey, create a team roster, and collect RSVPs and so on. Your results are neatly consolidated on a Google spreadsheet, all organized the way you want it. Your Google Spreadsheets are stored in Google Drive, making access easy. You can share your survey via email or embed code into your website.

8. LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey a free, open source tool using which you can create customized surveys with thousands of participants. The inbuilt Expression Manager (EM) allows you to customize your survey, while the Conditions Editor allows you to include powerful conditional logic. You can create group-level relevant surveys, which ensures that you don’t have to specify conditions for each question.

9. SurveyAnyPlace.com

Survey Anyplace is on a mission to free the world from boring surveys. They focus on creating fun, mobile and interactive & surveys & quizzes. Engagement is key to collect more and better data: modern-looking surveys entice respondents, and are easy to interact with – using the latest mobile technology.

You can add some spark to your questionnaire through images and video, by mixing quiz and survey questions, or by using widgets ranging from a scratchcard to a slot machine. And the design of your survey is automatically generated based on your organization’s logo. If there’s no internet connection, offline response collection is possible as well.

The results can be easily distributed – through URL, embedding or PDF – and there is a branded dashboard to view the result graphs instantly.

10. Quibblo

Use Quibblo to create your own quiz, poll or survey and share it through a URL on multiple forums including social media. Quibblo makes the entire experience fun and user-friendly.  All you do is provide a title for your quiz, survey or poll, your questions and your answer choices. Your quiz is ready in a heartbeat and you can embed it anywhere – no need to know how to code HTML!

11. Proprofs

ProProfs provides a suite of Quiz, Survey and Training tools, to tools to create, test and apply surveys. All you do is to access the internet’s largest library of assessment tools and public quizzes and create your own. The measurement and tracking dashboard allows you to view your survey’s progress. The ProProfs feedback engine allows you to apply your consolidated results to increase your profitability.

12. PollDaddy

WordPress.com brings you PollDaddy, with its easy-to-use survey editor for creating 14 different kinds of surveys. You can create surveys using multiple choice questions, Likert scales and free text. There’s also a powerful reporting and data filtering option that help you sort and analyze your real-time results. You can export data goodness in various formats such as PDF, Google Docs Excel, XML and CSV. You can also customize your survey using the inbuilt CSS.

This article is written by Dean from Sales page optimization company Invesp that specializes in offering landing page and conversion rate optimization solutions.

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