13 New JQuery Slideshow Plugins

JQuery has become one of the essentials in the programmer’s toolbox. With this revolutionary tool, you have the freedom of displaying image galleries exactly the way you want, and what is more, with a minimal amount of coding. Today, slideshows are one of the integral parts of web pages of all kinds, whether it is a blog, a portfolio or an e-commerce site.

jquery Plugins

Because of the frequency of use of slideshows, quite a few plugins have been developed to make the task of embedding photo galleries onto web pages even easier. Among the best of these plugins, 13 are listed below.

  1. Slides

    This JQuery slideshow plugin has a simple user interface and the different features include captions and multiple slideshows.

  2. jQuery.popeye

    This one is an alternative to inline lightbox. However, unlike lightbox, jQuery.popeye does not employ the use of modal windows for the displaying of images.

  3. jQuery Cycle Plugin

    This plugin has the option of inserting transition effects in between images in the slideshow. Some of the features it supports include pause-on-hover and click triggers.

  4. Nivo Slider

    This is one of the most popular plugins used for JQuery slideshows. There are 16 different transition effects and other supported features include keyboard navigation and settings that can be customized.

  5. TN3 Gallery

    This plugin, unlike others, is not free and costs $37 for a single-site license. However there is a free Lite edition but does not have as many features as the premium version.

  6. Pikachoose

    One of the basic plugins for jQuery slideshows with a simple user interface and lightweight features like tooltips and fancybox.

  7. Coin Slider – Another one that has a few transition effects but this one is also Andriod and iPhone compatible.
  8. Galleria

    This plugin supports the scaling up and down of images. This one stands out from the rest because of its support for touch screen. You also have the option of premium themes to improve the appearance of your slideshow.

  9. Orbit

    Another lightweight plugin with a simple user interface. Captions, links and bullet navigation are some of the features.

  10. Supersized –

    This plugin is designed for high resolution photos, such as on photography portfolio sites.

  11. slideViewer

    A simple and lightweight plugin that does what it is supposed to. If you want to keep all the clutter out of the way, go for this one.

  12. EasySlider

    From CSS Globe, this is a plugin that has quite a few options, including manual controls, vertical and continuous sliding.

  13. simpleSli.de

    A basic slideshow plugin that comes in two versions that are sized 15 and 6 KB.

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