15 Pictures of Unity in Animals


We as human beings can a learn a lot from the unity shown by animals and birds. Animals and birds might not be as intelligent as we human beings but looking at some of the unity, compassion and peaceful co-existence of all the animals and birds, you will realize that most of our problems today are as a result of human beings overlooking some of the basic life principles.

Extensive research has shown that wild animals and birds have firm believe that there is strength in numbers thus most animal will group together in number. The unity in these animal group is maintained by all the animals showing great concern & care for each. We can learn from the level of cooperation shown in some of the animal group which helps them keep the groups striving and guarantee the overall welfare of all the animals.

What to learn from fundamental live lessons we can learn from animals and birds?

  1. Power of unity some animals form groups to protect themselves from other animals, animals like zebras, antelopes, buffalos etc. while other animal like lions groups for both protection and it is easily for them to hunt in group and feed the pride – if human being we to unity together our lives would be a lot easier.
  2. Protect our children they are the future – looking at animals unity to protect their young ones should remind us the importance of protecting any child and we should show concern for all kids.
  3. Cherish our difference – showing at different animals co-existent peaceful in the wild should help human beings understand and accept that are all unique and our difference doesn’t always mean there should be conflict.
  4. Sharing – looking at images of different animals groups share resources like water should teach human being how easy it is for everyone to enjoy life and have enough in life by easily sharing resources.

The images below will help you understand more on the unity of animals and what we as a human being should emulate.

Animal Group
Animal Group
Animal Group 01
Zebra Group
Animal Group 02
Bird Group
Animal Group 03
Dog Group
Animal Group 04
Donkey Group
Animal Group 05
Duck Group
Animal Group 07
Duck  Group
Animal Group 08
Animal Group
Animal Group 09
Animal Group
Animal Group 10
Animal Group 11
Horse Group
Animal Group 12
Cats Group
Animal Group 13
Cat Group
Animal Group 14
Cat Group

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