6 Inspiration Resources for Designers


Designing beautiful web pages for your clients can be a wonderfully creative process. But what if you hit a wall? What do you do in order to meet your ever approaching deadlines? Let’s take a look at some of the best resources you can find online to get those creative juices flowing. From template designs to online portfolios to digital imaging sites, there are a variety of ways to get inspired.

Most importantly, many of these sites offer ways for designers to freely share their ideas with others. In a world where the internet is constantly changing and looking for the next big thing, the free exchange of design ideas is crucial in keeping things fresh and keeping your clients happy.

Color Inspiration

Finding the right color theme palette for your next design shouldn’t be a hassle. Adobe Kuler is a wonderful app that can quickly create countless new color schemes. Combined with an easy to use mobile app, Adobe Kuler is great for the designer on the go, giving you many ways to create, explore or download new themes. Their online community is a wonderful vehicle for sharing and exploring new color themes.

Another great place for color inspiration is the Shutterstock Pantone Project. Each color category in the pantone project is compiled of different images that include a variety of patterns and trends all in the same color.
Adobe Kuler

Online Portfolios

There are a variety of companies online that offer designers the chance to look at design ideas. One such site is Designspiration. There, designers can look up or share their design ideas from illustrations to logos, typography, posters, print, art and architecture. Easy search functions by color or keywords can quickly put you in touch with popular new design trends. This website also works with Facebook, Twitter and other blogs to enable easy uploading of design ideas by the community. They are constantly updating their material, making it a great source for inspiration.

Another great community for design inspiration is Logopond. There, designers may find new ideas for logos, schemes and graphic designs. Their online portfolios of logos range from the professional, corporate and classy to the abstract, retro and alternative styles. You may also tap into their forums, where a large community of designers can give you feedback on your own designs, help you with copyrighting issues and steer you towards new freelance opportunities.

Design Inspiration

Digital Imaging Site

Many web designers have used sites such as flickr and photobucket with ease. In this vein, Shutterstock has developed a great tool for pooling together your favorite digital images. Enter, Shutterstock Lightbox. Not only do you get access to a library containing millions of images, you can now create your own portfolio, known as a ‘lightbox.’ You can easily integrate your lightbox with your social media platform of choice. You can also take your lightbox on the go, as it comes with a mobile app for easy access. Search any of their newest ‘lightboxes’ for daily inspiration.

Digital Imaging

Web Design Forum

Web professionals are always on the lookout for new ideas and tools to help them in their careers. Awwwards is a website that provides a forum for web designers to search and chat about all the latest news in web design, including a ‘site of the day’ for daily inspiration. They provide access to different blogs, as well as give you access to job postings and their directory of accomplished web designers. Awwwards also give you the opportunity to get your name out there in the design world by allowing you to post a short bio and samples of your work.
Webdesign Forums

Luke Clum is a designer and developer from Seattle. He enjoys working with UI design and is an avid alpine climber and outdoorsman.

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