Top 10 Amazing Features in Microsoft Surface


Microsoft Corporation has turned out to be a really good competitor in the field of technology since the last 2 decades, but unfortunately has not been able to overpower Apple. Tablets by Apple such as iPad 2 and many others have been an amazing head start for the present era. Nevertheless, after the successful release of Windows 8 operating system by Microsoft Corporation few months ago, now the company has announced this unique, best and wonderful tablet named Microsoft Surface. The tablet supports Windows 8 as its OS. it has several other features that would be able to grab the attention of people all around the globe for sure!

Following are the top 10 amazing feature of Microsoft Surface Tablet 

Microsoft Surface Design

The tablet by Microsoft has the biggest screens as compared to all the available iPad as well as Windows Pro which is around 10.6”. It happens to be a great feature as users will be able to enjoy the feasibility of being portable on the go with more or less net book sized tablet. It has a simple yet unique design which makes it exceedingly elegant.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Operating System

Operating system is just another vital feature of this recently launched gadget by Microsoft. It has been integrated with Windows 8 operating system. As for now, Windows 8 is considered as the best Windows OS that has been launched by the Microsoft Corporation. The most popular game, Angry Birds has also been made available in the gadget within the OS.

Windows 8
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The extreme and great performance of the device is boosted by the incorporated Nvidia Tegra Processor which is a vital feature overlooked by Apple in its iPad. Therefore, the processor integrated makes the tablet durable and robust in its operations.

Tegra Processor Surface Tablet

Battery Life

It has been claimed by the Microsoft that Surface users will be able to make use of the tablet for 2 days with the battery full on charge. I believe 48 hours are good enough.

Battery Microsoft Surface Tablet

A Physical Keyboard

This is yet another cute addition in the tablet and users can add in a separate keyboard with the tablet easily. This gives users with an optimum level performance so that they can enjoy when they are surfing or even working on the Surface.

Microsoft Surface KeyBoard


This is one of the hottest and discussed topics in regards to Microsoft Surface and it is the Kickstand feature. If you own an iPad then you must have bought an iPad cover or case for its protection. However, Surface includes an incredible free kickstand case itself for the tablet. it turns out to be a good option especially when you are working for long hours and aids you make your tablet appear more elegant.

KickStand Microsoft Surface


While you are making use of the iPad, you will not be able to transfer data from your iPad to other devices as it does not offer users with a USB port and neither with a micro SD slot. However, Microsoft Surface has both the feature integrated so that users can easily transfer their data whenever they want to.


Microsoft offers its users with the best HD display that is strain free viewing. This is an incredibly new feature and users will certainly love it. It is yet to be seen if Microsoft is going to overcome the Retina Display feature of iPad or not.


Microsoft Surface happens to be slimmer as compared to the other tablets especially the iPad.

Microsoft Surface Thickness

Microsoft Surface Price

Microsoft is to offer its gadget at the price which will be exceedingly competitive to the present market rates. It can be presumed that the Microsoft Surface will cost around $900-$1000.

So, what are your plans on buying the tablet by Microsoft?

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