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Amazing ToothPick City made by Tooth Picks

Amazing ToothPick City made by Tooth Picks
It took Stan Munro (38) 6 years to build this toothpick city. He used 6 million toothpicks and 170 litres of glue. He can spend until 6 months to create a building and each of his creations is built to 1:164 scale. He works at the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, New York (USA).
Look after the jump the amazing works of one of the most patient men in the world.

ToothPick CityToothPick City 01ToothPick City 02ToothPick City 03ToothPick City 04ToothPick City 05ToothPick City 06ToothPick City 07ToothPick City 08ToothPick City 09ToothPick City 10

ToothPick City 11

ToothPick City 11

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