Amazing Transparent Laptops and Desktops


Quite a few people have come up with fairly convincing images and videos which make it seem as if their laptop or desktop is transparent in nature. These are actually just normal screens, and the transparency is simply a clever illusion. One can easily make their own laptop screen seem transparent by following one of the many instructional videos and websites which demonstrate how it can be done. Typically, one has to choose what they want to see behind the screen of the laptop, position the laptop inside the frame as accurately as they can, and then simply capture what is behind it with a camera. There are a number of elaborate ways to do it, demonstrates step by step in the World Wide Web. The general principle however remains the same for all – to project whatever is behind the screen, on the screen.  A camera and wallpaper software is generally sufficient to create this illusion.

There is one laptop however, which does have a transparent screen. This 14 inch notebook developed by Samsung features AMOLED technology, which actually allows light from behind the screen to pass through it. This product could be just the beginning of a string of similar products. One might question the purpose such a development would serve. Well for one we would not have to look up as often. It could be really convenient however in certain circumstances. But if you just want to create the clever illusion these Amazing Transparent Laptops and Desktops are the perfect clues.






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