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For graphic designers, web designers, and other visual creatives, having the best tools for the job is a must in the highly-dynamic and innovative world of design. And with the ubiquity of the iPhone & iPad these days, it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that there are plenty of apps available to cater to every graphic designer and visual artist’s needs and whims.

Here is a quick look at ten (10) very notable & productive iPhone apps for graphic designers
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Color Splash
Apps for Graphic Designers

For the true avant-garde, Color Splash helps you produce truly unusual unique image effects. This application is most notable for producing black and white images with a splash of colour. The contrast achieved is superb and remarkably eye-catching – many artistic aficionados would be lost without it.

iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

For those that need a little more colour in their lives, CliqCliq is an excellent way to liven up your palette. It can help create inspiring colour combinations, setting your chosen shades in several colour formats. This app works well with HTML, CSS, Flex & Flash, whilst the colour formats can also be easily converted into RGB and CMYK.

HEX RGB Colors Guide
Graphic Designer Apps

This app is an excellent colour management tool, giving you access to thousands of colors and palettes (including the esteemed Sherwin-Williams, and RAL palettes). You can also give your clients and friends access to your colors and their hex codes via email. Meanwhile, the wishlist feature works with your camera phone to identify and save real-life colours.

Designer Apps for iPad

The myPANTONE app is another sought-after application for those looking to mix up up several colour combinations to create their perfect shade. Extract colours from photographs, email palettes or sync with Pantone Color Manager to speed up the design process.

CameraBag 2
Designer Apps

The latest edition of this app has taken photo editing to another level. In a snapshot, it provides a complete set of photographic tools and pairs them high quality filters and vintage simulations. Layering, rearranging and other normally time-consuming tweaks have never been made so easy. The kit is impressive in its fullness, with 100+ fully-adjustable filters and 25+ professional controls to help give you a palette worthy of Picasso.

Colortoy App

One of many iPhone applications on the internet, ColorToy is ideal for the graphics designer, interior designer or flash animator. Its colour creation features are very straightforward and accessible, whether you’re using the ‘Modify’ function to create the exact shade you want or browsing old palettes in your saved ‘Scrapbook’.

Layer Designer App

Layers is a great way to put together a portfolio of great images to use across your work. After adding the finishing touches to your image using tools, such as smudge tool, erase, paint, brushes and several other features, your image can then easily be exported to your software programme.

Ruler Plus
Ruler Plus App

Ruler Plus is a very handy application to measure an object with the iPhone, recently updated for even greater accuracy in both inches and centimeters. A favourite of many designers, this app offers a convenient way to get your measurements right every time.

Photobucket Photo App

The online photo storage application par excellence, Photobucket can store heaps of images on your iPhone. Images and photos can be uploaded directly from your digital cameras or computers without clogging your iPhone’s memory and, unusually for this type of storage device, the app is completely free.

FontShuffle App

FontShuffle is a very useful application for graphic designers, particularly those working in advertising. Nothing defines an advert or public notice more than the fonts used within it. With this application you can immerse yourself in the world of fonts, with a wide variety of typefaces available in a range of sizes, along with a bunch of useful symbols too.

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