13 Beautiful Free Fonts For Designers


If you are looking for beautiful free fonts for designers, then you know that a great way to improve the presentation of your output is by properly adjusting the fonts. There is a wide variety fonts that are available with Windows, but if you feel that they are not enough, you can always download some more. Until just a few months ago, web developers only had a small pool of fonts that they could choose from, because not all downloadable fonts were able to be displayed on web pages. But this is a thing of the past now, because the advent of web-font tools has made many job easier for web developers and designers.

This area is expanding fast and quite a few web font services have sprung up in a short time. The three most widely used of these services are Google Fonts, Typekit, and Fontdeck. Every service is unique in its way and they all come with their own packages of advantages and disadvantages. For example, in the case of Google Fonts, they deliver fast, their fonts are free and open-source, with no signup required, but their library is quite limited and you do not get a lot of options to choose from.

The Typekit library is quite extensive, with good quality modern fonts, but they are not open source, meaning you would have to pay to use most of them. If you are an amateur web developer, you would be better off going with Google Fonts for all your font-related needs.

JustOld Font

Free Fonts

Age Free Font

Free Beautiful Fonts

Banda Font

Beautiful Fonts

Copse Free Font

Free Fonts

Dan Font

New Free Fonts

Exo Font Family

Free Font Family

Glide Free Font

Free Fonts

Hattori Hanzo Typeface

Free Fonts

Lato Free Font

Free Fonts

Lot Free Font

Free Fonts

My Fair Cody Font

Beautiful Fonts

Practique Free Font

Free Fonts

Ubuntu Font

Free Fonts

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