How does Blog Commenting Drives Website Traffic

There are different tactics of driving website traffic and link building is one of those. In the same manner, blog commenting is a popular link building technique. However, if you want to obtain inbound link, make sure to leave insightful and thoughtful comment on any blog post. Likewise, blog commenting can also improve the brand or company visibility and at the same establish a particular brand in the industry.


Blog Comments
Blog Commenting


Advantages of Blog Commenting

  • Leaving comments gives the opportunity to develop networking relationship not only with the owner of the blog but also with other people who have the similar interest. Likewise, blog commenting can be a potential source for joint ventures when done properly.
  • It can also strengthen the message and influences other blogs. This means that leaving comments on other blogs you will not only be visible on your own platform but also with other bloggers on the same niche market.
  • Another advantage of blog commenting is building back links on your website. This strategy strengthens the blog and at the same time increases the niche targeted back links.


Drive Traffic To Website
Drive Traffic To Website

Tips to Consider Before Leaving Blog Comments

The primary purpose of leaving blog comments is to acquire new followers and eventually increase website traffic. Likewise, as you leave comment to other blogs you are also getting the chance to acquire more viewers to your blog. On the other hand, you should consider some common suggestions that can help in achieving your goals of driving more traffic to your blog.

  • It is important to leave comments that are relevant to the topic. Make sure to avoid leaving spammy comments that will damage your credibility. Before writing a comment it is necessary to think about it. Keep in mind that a great comment can drive huge traffic to your blog.
  • You should consider leaving comment that is value added, opinionated and informative. It is because strong opinions can get more clicks and attention.
  • Comment placement also plays important role in blog commenting. Keep in mind that most readers rarely read the past few page results. In this sense, you should ensure placing your comment on the top page.
  • Leave comments on freshly written blog post if you want to obtain huge traffic. Likewise, you can also obtain blog’s traffic from loyal followers.

Techniques on Blog Commenting

  • Before leaving a comment on a blog it is important to search on the niche topic. As much as possible choose blogs that give quality content and more followers. In this way, you will have the great opportunity of redirecting the traffic into your own blog.
  • Leave comment only if you are sure to add value to the blog. It is better to bypass the post rather than leaving a weak comment.

Blog commenting can be an effective marketing effort if you can obtain huge traffic back to your post. Otherwise, if you are leaving weak comment to other blogs this means that your efforts are not giving the best results.



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