Next Generation Browser Based Remote PC Support Software


Remote PC Support software is very important tool for IT department in any organization to provide technical support to customers as regardless their location. It is very easy for PC support to provide support through a web browser as compared to remote desktop support software.

Do you know about the best browser based remote PC support software Techinline that helps you to connect to any pc or desktop remotely anywhere. The software is loved by all users who shares their desktop with their clients too access file remotely.

Remote PC Support
Remote PC Support

The browser based remote desktop tool software is easy to use for all, has been made with customized interface and inbuilt features that are amazing and help you to solve your clients problem and take prompt action for it.

Techinline one of the best browser based PC support software is affordable and in reach to everyone for its cheap and low prices availability.  It’s an amazing piece of software only because of its instant messaging features which allows you to send and receive message from the other personal computer remotely and help in transferring of files are sharing your personal computer or solving their needs in no second of time.

The best part is that you do not have to install or download any kind of software in the client’s pc which reduces the pc or desktop running speed and makes the pc slow. Just need a simple plug-in for specific browsers that is comparatively very low in size when we compared to other browser based software which are priced a little high too.

It has many unique features which only techinline provides to its users base at such a low price. Some of the features are:

    1. Real Time PC Support
      Real time solution to your client’s problem without any need of physical appearance between the two. Just make your Client happy to whatever need he demands by solving his problem remotely.


    1. Builtin Instant Messaging
      It has an inbuilt facility instant messaging also where you can send and receive texts from your clients.


  1. Browser Based PC Support
    Techinline one if the best browser based software which helps you to connect remotely through browser which prevents unwanted advertisements , pop ups and other update trouble which is very annoying when we are doing some work that needs to be solved as soon as possible .

Everybody should know the techinline is one of the best software which helps you to connect remotely and is used by all.

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  1. Camille says

    I use Techinline remote desktop. Probably the easiest connection process that I’ve seen. Their customization features, ease of use, very reasonable pricing are factors which appealed to me, given that I run a small business and cannot afford some of the other remote desktop tools. So I would definitely recommend it as a good alternative to all similar products.

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