How to Set number of Posts on Home Page in WordPress


Home page optimization is very important in SEO, that’s why most of the time you need to change the number of posts on home page in WordPress. If you increase the number of posts on home page it can make slow your home page and that is a major mistake in SEO, so always try to keep number of posts which will not make home page slow but also fit in design.

Possible Reasons to Change Number Of Posts On Home Page In WordPress

  • Home Page is slow , so need to decrease the number of posts to increase loading time.
  • Side Bar is larger so fill the empty space and make the design fit , increase the number of posts.

To make these Changes, you need to logon on WordPress dashboard.

  • On Left Side bar, Select Settings and Click on Reading

Home Page WordPress Posts

  • Change the number of Setting “Blog pages show at most”

Wordpress Home Page Posts

  • Don’t forget to Save new changes

This setting will change the number of posts on home page as well as on categories.

Note : This setting is same in all WordPress Version.

Let us know how many posts you have on home page of your WordPress blog and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask questions in comments sections.

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