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This post will inspire the beginners in blogging sure and you will be motivated to continue to blogging. I am tired by writing many blog posts, tweaking my websites, maintenance, research and development, finding latest stuff to improve my blogs, social media works and some SEO works. Many of also felt, what I am feeling now.

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But I am not de-motivated or tired of leaving this field. Why should I leave this field, when I can see growth in my blogging career? Although I am not automated any of my works, I still feel good about my earnings and thinking about my future earnings. Yes, many bloggers do the automation, which will earn them by autopilot. But, yet I have not jumped into that kind of things. If I focus on autopilot like thing, then you might not find any nice tips in this blog. Do you want to see any autopilot to motivate you?

I know, many of you had thought that biggest blogger like Darren Browse or our Indian Bloggers like Amit Agarwal were lucky and they are blogging in an easy way. But, you don’t know the behind the scenes. Only they know their hard works. They were also like us and they were also worked very hard to achieve the top position. I don’t say that, they are now working very easily at their own time. They are still working late night for their next posts or any other tweaking works and they earn a good share for those works.

Now, many of big bloggers are surviving by the amount of wonderful guest posts they get from their fans and readers. Guest posting on bigger blogs, which has larger daily readers, is like participating in a contest now a day. Only articles, which make wonders, will survive. So, as the competition grows, they will get good posts and they earn from it. But, can you imagine the pain they got until they reach their position? If you feel it, you will understand where are you? What are your motivational factors? I hope you got the motivational fact in this article. If you haven’t got it, then truly, you are not deserved to be a successful blogger at any corner. Please don’t feel bad for my words. Truth always hurts. We should find the motivational factors in each and every thing. Best wishes for your blog’s future growth.

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Musthafa Ullal is the founder and Chief Editor at TekNoise and he is active on GangFB – Social network for bloggers

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