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Firefox and SEO – Must Have Plugins

Firefox is not the most popular web browser in the world but it is gaining popularity as a secondary web browser for things such as SEO campaigns, web building, and blogging. It is now being downloaded more than ever for those very reasons. It has gained its reputation for being good for blogging, web building, and SEO campaigns because the plugins that had been created for it have turned out to be very powerful and very convenient. One of their biggest selling point is the fact that you can use the extension within Firefox, thereby making Firefox your web developer/blogging tool.

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This plugin will show you your Alexa rank and PageRank. You can also use it to see the Alexa rank and PageRank of the page you are browsing. It is a toolbar plugin that will give you a large amount of details at the click of a button instead of having to go into websites and run scans manually.

Autofill Forms

This is a plugin that will allow you to fill out web forms with just a single click. When you are winning the SEO campaign, you are probably going to have to sign into various profile accounts and web accounts in order to complete your SEO. This plugin will allow you to fill out your word forms automatically so that you can keep your wasted time to a minimum. It also helps if you are the sort of person who easily forgets certain profile names, etc., sense it will fill out the information for you. You can also use it to make sure that any citations you produce are consistent across all of your submissions.

Web Developer Tool Bar

This plugin is very good for changing web design elements on the page and then testing them with things such as cookies. Tests such as these are good for SEO campaigns. For example, a user may be able to stop JavaScript elements from appearing, and with this plugin, you would do to make it so that the link within the JavaScript element remains on the page. This is also good for optimizing links so that even JavaScript links will appear on search engines indexing. It allows you to manipulate CSS stylesheets so that you are able to see which links a search engine is great to see, and which links that it is not going to see.

Live HTTP Headers

This plugin allows you to see your http headers, which makes a great tool for analyzing your web pages and debugging them. If you least exceed the headers are sending incorrect headers in the background that is bad for your SEO. If you can see your HTTP headers then you can see if you have made any mistakes.

Semantic Checker

This plugin will highlight the elements of your source code after important to search engines (i.e. they are important for your SEO). It will highlight elements such as the strong tags, addresses and H1 headings. You can use this plugin too quickly diagnose all of your page ranking factors and your micro formats.

Page Speed

This plugin will highlight of the best practices for increasing your page loading speeds. It gives you recommendations based upon what it sees on your website. If you website is well optimized in certain areas then it will let you know how well you are doing via a score out of a hundred. If you have elements that need changing then it will give you advice on what to do to make sure they run and load faster.


With this plugin you are able to debug, edit, and monitor blog HTML, JavaScript, and CSS on any page of your website. You can do things such as change the color golf year old fonts and backgrounds and sea change as you do it. This tool is good to use if you are running an SEO campaign, and you would like to see what specific parts of your source code are doing within your website.

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