7 Firefox Plugins for More Effective Blogging


Firefox is a devious mistress when it comes to usability. It is still not as popular as Internet Explorer, but the download rate of Firefox shows that many people still either try it or have it as a secondary browser. Having Firefox as a secondary browser should be standard issue on all desktop computers. There are some websites that are simply not optimized for IE (Internet Explorer) but that will work for Firefox. Plus, Firefox is also a lot better for downloading and installing plugins. Some of the plugins are handy for certain tasks such as programming or blogging, but would not be suitable for general Internet browsing and use (which is where IE would come back into play). Here are a few very good plugins you can use in order to be a more effective blogger.

Firefox Plugins for Blogging
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 1 – Zemanta Editorial Assistant WordPress Plugin

The plugin will read your blog post and then send you suggestions for content relevant to what you have just wrote. So if you are writing about a certain subject, it will come up with some links on related subjects. The plugin will allow you to add the link with just a click.

 2 – Word Count Plus Firefox Add -ons

This is a good plugin if you do a lot of writing for your blog. It can count the words on you blog from the very start to the finish as you write the blog post. Alternatively, you can reset it to zero at any time to see how many words you subsequently add. You can also select parts of your blog post and have those words counted too. If you are being paid to blog then this plugin can show you when you have reached the required word limit.

 3 – WebMynd Firefox Bookmarks

If you reference similar sites all the time when you are writing your blog posts then you should use this plugin. It will install a small sidebar next to your blog post, which you can use when you are writing your blog post. You can add links that you often use when blogging. Not only that but it records where you have been so that you can go back to those pages in the future.

 4 – Surf Canyon Fast Search – Add-Ons for Firefox

There are times when you look for another blog post on a search engine and you come across some good links but do not check them all. This app will delve deeper into your query and find the pages that are relevant to your search. It is particularly optimized to find posts in particular, and is a good sidekick when researching from other blog posts whilst using a search engine.

 5 – Slingalink – Share Links

You can share you blog posts with this plugin. Move your mouse to the left hand side of the screen with a speedy movement and a sidebar will appear. The sidebar will pop up showing the various places and social media that you can share your blog post within. You can also monitor things such as click through rates, etc.

 6 – SearchStatus – Firefox SEO Tool Bar

If you are looking to find your complete ranking, Google PageRank, SEOmoz Linkscape MozRank or Alexa rank then this plugin will help you. It gives you a keyword density analyzer, as well as backward link information.

 7 – MyWords – Firefox Extension

You may use certain phrases a lot, for example if you write a blog post about SEO, you may need to use that word, and its subsequent acronym explanation quite a bit. This plugin will allow you to save that phrase so that you can enter it in a copy/paste manner whenever you like. If you have a blog that covers a single theme then it is highly likely that this plugin will save you a lot of time in the long run.

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