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Top 10 Free Bootstrap Website Templates


Bootstrap is the most popular open-source framework using which you can develop responsive web design easily. There are many best Bootstrap themes & templates available for free to use. In this article, We have compiled a list of the top 10 free Bootstrap website templates that will definitely end your search for it.

Let’s check them out:

Coming Soon Template

You can use this theme while you are in the process of changing the old theme of your website to a new one, or while your website undergoes maintenance. It is better to have this template instead of having a plain page with a ‘404 error’ or ‘page not found’ message. You can be connected with your website visitors and customers by using this theme. Want to know how? Because this theme comes with the following features:

  • You can add a short message to your website visitors and customers.
  • You can show the time your website will take to be live again.
  • You can ask your website visitors to subscribe via email so that you can contact them directly by email without losing your customers.
    Coming Soon Bootstrap Website Template
    Download | Demo

Resume Bootstrap Template

If you are looking for a new job and want to impress your potential employer, then this is the best responsive Bootstrap HTML resume/cv template that is available free of cost. Just download this template and install it on your website. Customize according to your creativity and capability to make it as great as you can, and keep sending an attractive online resume instead of the traditional word or PDF formatted resume. You can also use this for creating your online portfolio, in which you can add information about your skills, educational details, professional experiences, certifications, awards and testimonials of your successfully accomplished work/projects.
Resume BootStrap TemplateDownload | Demo

Polygon HTML5 Template

Polygon is an HTML5 based design concept that can change the appearance of your website in polygon-shaped blocks. The more detailed and advanced features will let you design your desired templates in just a matter of minutes. You can practically do anything with it. Make the designs according to your personal perspective of innovation. You can be creative with your design or simply have the desired design that you were looking for. The service is free and mobile ready. The high definition graphics with relatively smaller in size makes it a very handy tool to use.

Polygon BootStrap Template

 Download | Demo

Sailor Premium Template

The concept of Sailor is not only commercial, but is actually made for everything a designer needs. If you are a website designer, this might be a perfect tool that can guarantee you the full outlook of your graphical angles. Sailor is actually an HTML site designing template app that is made with the concept of commercial purposes primarily. This app loads a lot of features and a wide variety of designs. You can customize the designs and use it on websites, portfolios, product display and showcases etc. You can practically use it to make anything. All you need is a basic knowledge of graphics and your innovation to work out with.

Sailor Premium Bootstrap Template

Download | Demo

New Age Landing Page Template

The New Age is a responsive template which is based on the Bootstrap concept of design. This template is great for designing the background of a landing page and practically anything that includes graphics. The reason for their popularity is having many happy customers and a very big community of people who are using this template on their website. The experience of most of the users is very pleasant. This is a very user-friendly template and is great when it comes to graphics. That’s what we all want to know during designing, right?

New Age Landing Page Template

Download | Demo

Bootstrap Personal Website Template

If you are a professional designer, you must know the things that can make you or break your work. Imagine a template that can provide you with all the features necessary for the betterment of your project. It is a complete set of high-quality value for money service with high definition, elegant and fully customized features to work with. That’s not all, they also provide you with a fully SEO optimized design which is very important for a designer. The best part of this template is the customer support. They have an outstanding customer support with 24 hours availability.

Personal Free Bootstrap Template

Download | Demo

Foodee Restaurant Template

Foodee is an all-purpose template creator specifically designed for the restaurant owners and food lovers. Like other bootstrap designers, this also works on the same platform. The difference between the others and Foodee is the user interface. This template is compatible with plug-ins like Simple Line Icon, Parallax, Flex-slider, Ionicon, Animate.css, Modernizr etc. Due to this, you actually get to have a great designing experience with every inch, more detailed than ever. There is only one way to understand the limits of this template. You have to try it out for yourself. After a detailed and dedicated time on it, it might just be the missing piece of the puzzle that you are looking for.

foode Free Template

Download | Demo

Verb HTML5 Template

The biggest trend of today is to have a website and then become an entrepreneur. This has become possible due to the initiative of free website creating sites like Blogger and WordPress. So there should be a template that can actually make the websites look better. This is where Verb comes in. Verb is specifically designed to work with the websites that are based on the concept of free domains or simply domain based accustomed websites. They provide the website with a great look and a very vibrant outlook.

 Verb HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Download | Demo

Mobirise Bootstrap Template

Mobirise is perhaps the best solution if you are looking for an HTML bootstrap template design. They are practically the best and a very user-friendly and responsive site for you to work with. If you have a small business or you want a portfolio or you simply want to play around and make yourself familiar, this is the best project app for you. The user interface is very friendly and you can start with basic knowledge only. It is a great, fully optimized in the case of mobiles and modernized with a high definition project feature.

Mobirise Bootstrap Template

Download | Demo

BackYard Landing Page Template

Backyard theme is also a Bootstrap based landing page designer with the convenience of custom designing and modernized, high-definition designing. With 5 different Header formats, 6 color styles and built on the Bootstrap 3, this is a very advanced online tool to work out with. This template is designed to suit every need of yours. If you are looking for something for your daily life or a health design for you’re a client in the hospital or maybe for your startup business or simply an app that you have in mind and you want to design it in that way, this is the perfect thing for you.

BackYard Landing Page Template

Download | Demo

If you think, we’ve missed on your favorite free Bootstrap website template while trying to deliver you the best options, feel free to inform us. Don’t forget to post your opinion in the comment box below regarding this outstanding list of the top 10 free Bootstrap website templates.

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