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When it comes to download any Mp3, movies, T.V episodes, software’s, we use our lots of time in Googling to get a download link of our desired file. But what happened in the end, we hardly able to get one or two downloading link or sometime we just remains with blank hand.

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All your time that you spend in Googling to get your desired file gets total waste since Google is a search engine, so today I’m going to share about a file search engine website where you can download all your desired files easily and quickly.

Whether you want to download mp3’s from vintage to 21’st century, lots of TV episode, movies etc everything that you want through General-Files, General-files have a huge data base of files over 500 millions files in his database and widely used by over 200 million users around the world and still they are giving their best to take the numbers even further and the feature.I loved most of general-files is it allows us to download files from Rapidshare, hot file, fileserver etc…. with just a click of mouse form a single source.

Another interactive user interface from general-files family is General-Downloader which is also called as free rapid share downloader where you can download the files using advanced search options and you can also download the files according to its popularity using free file directory called General-Catalog. You can also share your own files to earn some G-Points and you can redeem those points to get premium access to other file hosting services of general-files.

For using all these file downloading services, all you need to do is visit to get started downloading unlimited number of files. If you already using these services do let me share your experience in the form of comment.

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