How to Build Your Social Profile


Building an authoritative social profile should be given high relevance in the minds of any internet marketer or a blogger. You need to have a social presence that demands attention from your readers and that is the key to success in online world.
So the obvious question that comes to mind is how do you build a social profile? For answering this part let us assume that everyone has a social profile or account with most of the social networks out there.

The key here is linking them up and making sure that they look professional.

Write your profile

 Your profile in each of the networks has to be unique and has to have a well written summary that demands attention. Use simple language and write what you feel about yourself. Be funny and add your favorite quotes to get the readers get a feel of your field of authority.


Social Profile

Include avatar

 Do not go for any funny cartoon pics or a snapshot of your favorite movie star. Such an avatar actually makes fun of yourself and make sure that the readers view you with some sort of skepticism. Be professional and do not hide yourself under any banners. Come out with a wonderful snapshot of yourself and proclaim to the world that you are the owner of this profile.

Link them up

 Now that you have some serious looking profiles in each network, it is time to link each of them up. Any one reading your profile would definitely want to investigate further about you and looking your various profiles up will make sure that you are visible to them.

Include keywords in your profile

 This idea of including your work keyword in your social profile is much less adopted by many of the internet gurus. What you need to ensure is just that you need to add some relevant keywords while writing your social profile. This makes you readable to the search engines. What may happen is your profile may rank well to be one of the top search results in the keyword search. You know the rest. You profile would be considered an authority in the keyword.

Be a prominent member out there

 Do not just create the profile and get out. Start visiting the network again and again and make sure that you do something there on a consistent basis. Be relevant to your basic keywords and start building relationships with their experts in your area. This can help you as a social being and also to get updated with the latest news. Make sure that you do not get addicted to such networks as using them more will mean you will have lesser time to devote to the other works.

Being an online genius is easy. But maintain that reputation will need some real effort from your part. At a time when every tom, dick and harry is getting into online marketing and blogging it is time to get yourself up to date  with the necessary updates and being active in various social networks really helps.

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