Image Optimization For SEO

What is Image Optimization in SEO?

Image Optimization is one of the important factor in google ranking according to Google 200 ranking factors. We can define image optimization for SEO in terms of reducing the image size with high quality., In addition to this a proper file name, alt text, title, description and relevant caption for the image.

Image Optimization For SEO

Image Optimization Guidelines & Tips

  • Decrease The File Size Of Your Image

Google new ranking algorithm like the sites which are fast loading on desktops and mobile devices. If your image file size is quite big it will delay the loading of your website or web page. You can also loose the customers if images properly on time. So you need to reduce the size of your image using desktop software or online image optimizer. You always try to keep your file size below 70 KB.

  • Relevant name of Image

This is very important in SEO point of view that always keep relevant name of image according to topic because this name will be used in image search of search engines. If you will use only the default name of your images. For example, the name of images you get from your camera in a sequence that will not help search engines to look for images related to specific topic.

  • Write Your Alt Tag Clearly

Alt tag attribute increase SEO value of your website. Search engines cannot determine the image relevance, its alt tag that tells them that this image is relevant to specific topic. You can increase ranking of your website using associated keywords with images as alt tags.

Image Optimization Tools Online

Image Optimization is a time consuming process. Not everyone can buy adobe Photoshop like software to optimize images. However, there are several online image optimization tools available for free.

Optimizilla is my favorite online tool which I normally used to compressed images for my blogs. Its very user friendly, you can upload images in bulk and once they are processed you can download them in a zip file.

This one is also very good tool, you can browse file from your computer for uploading then you can set the quality of your optimized image, you also have option to resize your image. This tool comes in desktop version with 2 versions, Free & Professional version at cost of $29 for one time.

Shrink Pictures is another free tool with several options such as reduced image dimension, apply special effects or set resized image quality. If you need to optimize lot of images then you can batch photo home desktop version for $29.95

Best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a very popular content management system, every other website or blog is built on WordPress because it is easier to use and free of cost. Around the world, lot of developers contributed in WordPress to make it more secure, optimized and search engine friendly CMS. In same way, most of people develop plugins which can be used for different purposes such as SEO, Page Speed, Image Optimization. Today we will have look on few WordPress Plugin for image optimization.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush is one of best free WordPress plugin for image optimization. Once its installed it will compress all your images (under 1 MB size) in media directory in the back-end without compromising quality.
This plugin also comes in pro version which has more professional features such as all images compressing in one click and supported image size is upto 32 MB. WP Smush Pro takes backup of original image while in free version it just compressed.

Download Smush Image

Short Pixel Image Optimizer

Short Pixel is another plugin which offers image compression. It has very user friendly and clean interface. This plugin automatically compress every image upon uploading or you can compress existing images in media library. You also need signup with Short Pixels to get API. Short Pixels offers only 100 free credits per month , if you need more you can buy with additional cost.

Download Short Pixel

SEO Friendly Images

This plugin is an ideal to optimize your images for search engines and can help to attract more organic traffic. One of impressive feature in this plugin is that it adds alt and title attribute to the images automatically. It can be used with WP Smush plugin to provide more features for optimization.

Download SEO Friendly

Search engine algorithms and techniques always changed with time but image optimization is always an important factor. Image Optimization for SEO is a technique if it is done carefully , it can rank your website easily.

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