iPhone 4S! Failed To Meet the Expectations


It has been enough time since the launch of Apple iPhone 4S which can allow the analysts and normal consumers to get away with their own thoughts. People expected to have something which can give them the required impetus in technology thus; the company released 4S with pride and honor. But, to our distress people could not find anything special which could just validate their investment Apple iPhone 4S.

Apple Iphone 4S
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What companies want from you?

It is the real matter of concern today how companies like Apple guess about the hopes and excitement of the people! Apple must have been thinking quite positive for the level of expectations but everything failed to the sales records and popularity of Samsung Galaxy SII. Though it seemed to be very ridiculous for a technical giant like Apple Inc. yet iPhone 4S could not meet the expectations of the present generation. Rather than building too much hype about the incoming products and their release, the companies should be more concerned about the feelings and rising hopes of their loyal consumer base.

Present status for taking views

For the time being, people and valued consumers of Apple iPhone 4S may easily express their views about product quality and results. It is needless to say that the tablet was not the same what we always wanted or expected from Apple rather it simply gave us what it made! The company failed to bring the latest iPhone 5 with 4G internet capability. The recently announced 4S model was just an upgrade in technology from the past iPhone 4. It was amazing that about 1 million units of the latest phone were booked just within the announcement interval of 24 hours. However, people soon got utter disappointment with similar specs and features!

Should Apple have done better job in managing expectations?

In fact, yes is the authentic answer. When your company comes up with new product and mentions or leaks its features or specs to a valid and reliable media sources, consumers get attracted. You should definitely understand the hopes, feelings and requirements of those valued consumers when you bring the same product in the market. Apple has always done a better job in managing all the expectations of worldwide consumers. It has been achieved by under promising and when the product gets released, delivers more than you promised earlier. People will be fascinated through this marketing strategy but this time, it was a totally different case. Even on the sales front, the company could not manage to break the previous records.

Your hype should never result in the disappointment of consumers otherwise; it will spoil the brand value and loyalty of consumers. Satisfaction of consumers is the sole objective of any business however, Apple really failed to meet the set standards and expectations!

Summary: – iPhone 4S came up with some technical feats but it simply failed in satisfying the valued consumers. The business principle of Apple, under promise and more deliver, did now work this time. However, it was a success model.


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