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When it comes to designing, the most needed resource which you will look for is Images. Whether it is a graphics design like brochure, business card, corporate stationeries, flyers leaflets, or if it’s a web design, without images these designs will be unappealing and lifeless. There is only one solution for stamp out this inertness. It is by very consciously putting the accurate type of image in precise way. For that you need good looking and conceptual images. In order to obtain high-quality pictures you will have to either make one, or buy one. Most probably today’s designers will be trying to steal something rather than spending money or effort here. This may end up with legal consequences even though you used that whole image or part of it or even mixed it up with some images and done some image manipulations. If you really need to keep your hands off from this and at the same time save your valuable time and money, then you should find a place from where you can get free images legally. And you should also take care that your provider is having and giving off those images with full copyright. If you are one of them, then welcomes you to the web of free images, with copyright. There are different type of images like vectors, gif, icons, etc, that you may need to work with. iconspediacom is mainly managing icon type of images.

Brands Icons
Brands Icons

The entire gallery is categorized into different categories. These categories are again classified with subcategories. Inside the categories or in its child subcategories there are sets of icons in packs. There are many categories like Music Icons, Folder Icons, Mail Icons, Carton Icons , Vehicle Icons, etc.

There is a huge list of Music icons at There contains Music icons with various music instruments, music symbols, music devices, music folder icons, etc. For music icons, visit
Mail Icons category mainly contains snail mail oriented icons. You can also find email based mail icons, at the same time holographic one too. There are also occasional mail icons present in this category like Christmas icons. You can find a icon for gmail also. The need for mail icons usually comes when we are designing the ‘contact us’ page or any related subsection of the website. You can find plenty of mail icons here at
In, there is a huge list of Folder icons with variable designs and model. There are real folder icons, computer folder icons, and many themed one like music folder, design folder, radiation, cartoon, tools, etc … Pay a visit at to download all these folder icons for free.

Computer Icons
Computer Icons

By selecting an icon pack, the icons inside that pack will be listed. You can also select an individual icon from the listing or can download the entire icon pack. If you are downloading the entire pack, then it will be downloaded with all the files zipped inside a .zip file which can be unpacked by any applications like winzip or your operating systems default compressed file manger application. Zipping helps you to download a number of images with a single click. This will also reduce the file size for download which in turns saves your ISP bandwidth and download time.  The icons files can be downloaded as .ico files, .png files or as .ico or as .icns of Apple Mac. You can also download the files in varied sizes like 256 pixel width x 256 pixel height, 128 x 128 pixel ,64 x 64 pixel, 48 x 48 pixel, 32 x 32 pixel, etc. We recommend you to rate the icon sets with our 1 to 5 star rating system. This helps the future visitors to guess the quality and value of the downloadable.  There is a license text file which gives details of the image license. There are many more features in this website like member registering, community, ability to upload your own icons, etc. is website that provides a vast variety of icons. You can always download variety of icons from iconspedia site without paying any fees. From time to time, we will be adding new icon images to the site and that all always for free download. So don’t forget to visit our site regularly. We recommend bookmarking this site so that you won’t forget the url and miss our latest releases.

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