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When it comes to video converter, three things we need to ensure that it should widely support latest video formats, convert the videos quickly and easily and widely used by people around the world.

Today am going to share my experience about converting the videos that I tried to convert my old VHS format videos to the latest popular video formats. Almost I tried some video converting software to do this task but none of the video converters which I’ve tried meets the above requirements.

Video Convertor

A friend of mine recommended using Movavi video converter and he continued that Movavi is not just a video converter, but it is more than that to convert the videos whatever format you want. So immediately I downloaded Movavi video converter and I found some exclusive benefits when using Movavi video converter.

Unlike the normal video converter, movavi is widely popular and it is used by over 8 million professionals, small industries, educational institutions, videographer etc, it is an award winner video converter. Movavi supports over 170 video formats such as FLV, 3GP,HD, DivX, mkv, m4v, vro, mod etc video formats and over 200 gadgets and smart phones whether it is iPad, iPod, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows OS based smart phones or any other gadgets and devices.

With the Movavi video converter on your hand, you no need to worry about convert, rip and burn the videos without losing its quality and you can also extract the audio from the videos. You can also create special video effects and photo slide shows and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or any other popular video broadcasting channels.

You can also publish your converted videos on your websites, sales pages with HTML format and send it as news letter.

For more information, visit Movavi video converter home page.

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