7 Online Marketing Tools for Small Business

Embarking on an online startup journey is no easy feat. You have to consider a plethora of variables that determine the sustainability of your business and its ultimate revenue generation. Add the undermining statistics of startup failures to the mix, and you are bound to be looking for strategies to gain a competitive edge in your niche.

Competent online tools can offer respite from the overwhelming responsibility of establishing and running a successful startup. From managerial tools such as CRM plugins for WordPress to security-enhancing software, online applications are augmenting every facet of business transactions.

Similarly, the digital era has paved the way for an entirely new marketing campaign outlook. A powerful marketing strategy leverages the impact of social media, utilizes search engine optimization to gain increased visibility and traffic, and uses various media marketing channels effectively to expand the outreach of business.

In the following list, we are going to highlight seven of the most proficient marketing tools that expedite every aspect of your marketing campaign to acquire great results:

Best Online Marketing Tools for Small Business



Email marketing offers a wide array of opportunities for the businesses to interact with the customers at a personal level. It also provides exceptional ROI, which is incomparable to other marketing channels.

Subsequently, more than 80% of the B2B and B2B companies use email marketing to approach prospective clients and build a relationship with the old ones.

MailChimp is one of the top email-marketing providers with more than 12 million customers. It is ideal for startups with limited resources and fewer customers as it offers a free plan for those with less than 2,000 subscribers. Thus, you can use MailChimp early on to initiate your email marketing campaign.

Also, the intuitive emailing tool allows you to automate the generation of personalized messages, while the analytics reports keep you up-to-date about the performance of your emails.



Social media has established itself as the ultimate marketing medium. Every company, regardless of its size or industry, needs to utilize the social channels to thrive in this digital era.

HootSuite is a perceptive social media management platform, which makes it an integral part of this list.

It offers a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage more than 30 profiles on various channels, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc..  You can use the panel to reply to comments without visiting each social platform individually.

The tool enables you to schedule posts in advance, thus, saving time while keeping your accounts active. Furthermore, you can identify the influencers of your niche and capture leads for your sales team using Hootsuite. Simply put, it can function as your social media marketing manager, with an interactive, organized interface.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is another essential tool that should be a part of your startup toolkit. Even though many marketers might disregard it as a basic traffic tool, the right use of Google Analytics can help you shape up your marketing strategy to procure the best results.

It offers you valuable insights about from where your website traffic is originating.

If a specific social media campaign is recruiting increased user influx, you can emulate it in again in the future to capture the same results.

If particular keywords are performing exceptionally well to drive organic traffic, you can generate more content using these words.

Therefore, use Google Analytics from the very beginning to ensure that your marketing efforts are driving results, and to devise future marketing strategies.



Content generation has shaped up to be an important facet of digital marketing. BuzzSumo is a smart tool that helps you understand what content performs best on search engines and gains the most audience. It also allows you to understand your competition and what works for them by analyzing their content’s performance.

Moreover, it tells you the most shared content on social media with 100% accuracy. You can create similar posts to garner the same results. Or, you can strive to achieve the same or an even high number of shares as the top results.

Using BuzzSumo, you can directly create quality content without wasting time searching for relevant, competitive and appealing topics.

All in One SEO Pack

Search engine optimization plays a pivotal role in your online marketing strategy. The All in One SEO Pack offers excellent features, which ensure that your WordPress website is optimized for search engines to score the top positions on the SERPs.

These features include XML Sitemap support, Advanced Canonical URLs, and Automatic generation of META tags. It notifies the search engines of any changes in the site automatically to prompt site crawl and index.

The SEO tool is simple to use and free of cost, making it an ideal solution to your search engine visibility issues.

Crazy Egg


Once you have launched your online startup, you have to analyze its impact. You need to track the website’s performance so you can optimize it to gain the best ROI possible.

With Crazy Egg, you can easily evaluate all your campaigns across the web to see what is working and what needs improvements. The tool offers a suite of innovative features including analysis and reporting, heatmaps and mouse recording, targeting, and personalization, research and user feedback, etc.

Use this tool to make necessary changes to your website, understand the users flow through the site and gauge their likes and dislikes. Utilize the feedback to maximize your visitors, leads, and sales.



Your marketing efforts are only effective when you can establish productive relationships with your customers. Salesmate is an innovative CRM software which provides a comprehensive overview of your sales activities related to all your customers to help you increase sales.

It allows you to keep track of every consumer regardless of her position in the sales pipeline. Hence, you can ensure continuous and personalized engagements with every lead to facilitate customer acquisition and retention.

Salesmate also has a smart CRM plugin for WordPress, which allows efficient lead management from within your website. Also, the software integrates seamlessly with various third-party integration to streamline your business transactions.

The evolving business trends require new and improved business practices. Using innovative technologies to stay abreast with the increasing requirements of the customers has become a cornerstone of a company’s success. Smart business tools can help you exceed expectations, and help you establish a prosperous, viable e-commerce entity.

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