Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies at are very simple. We do not share or sell the information of our online customers and visitors to third parties. Take a brief look of our policies given below:

1) We send weekly newsletters to online users visiting our website. We make our site visitors to make a registration with their name and email address to receive weekly newsletters. We do not reveal email addresses of our customers. We always use this information under a legal process.

2) Those online visitors who subscribe to our services are added to our mailing list. This is an automatic process done by our servers who track location, IP address and some other basic details of our users. But this tracking does not risk the privacy of our website users. It is stored safely in our servers.

3) We also invite our website users to get connected with us online through networking sites like Twitter, Linked and Facebook. Here also all sensitive information of our website visitors is protected by advanced interface of these websites.

4) We do not accept links of third party nor allow links of bad neighborhood on our servers. Users can browse our website without disclosing much sensitive information, except some basic details like name and email address. We do not personal data of our users. All email addresses registered in our online database are not used without permission or approval of our website visitors. We collect and save non identifiable data to know how many users are browsing our web pages in a month. This data includes IP address, URL, page views and details of operating system used by online users.

5) We do not disclose any sensitive and personal information of our visitors to third parties. We do not create or release cookies in the browser of visitors. All cookies displayed on our web pages are from our affiliated third parties.

6) We always prefer to track important information details of our website users like email address and domain name. We use this information merely to identify our client. We do not use this data for any other purpose.