Search engine marketing Vs. Social media marketing- which is better and why?


If you are perplexed as to which strategy to use for better online marketing, SEM or SMM, just read below. You will get an idea of search engine marketing versus social media marketing

Search engine marketing Vs. Social media marketing
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As far as driving traffic to a site is concerned, there are a number of ways to attract the visitors. The main two ways that people always use and still have struggle with while investing include search engine marketing and Social Media Marketing. Internet marketing has now become an integral part of all business strategies. Search engine marketing and social media marketing are the main aspects of all successful and thriving marketing campaigns on the Internet.

Comparing the two strategies
So, which is better? SEM or SMM? Let’s find out the reasons.

Why SEM?
If you think that SEM is better, then it is great to note that a lot of people look for things on the search engines. Just think of your own habits and you will be able to match them with others. Whenever you look forward to find something, you go straightway to some popular search engine- Yahoo, Google or others.
So, in a way, it can be said that search engine marketing is great as it offers information about sites that are related to particular search topic or question so that the viewers get attracted. Also, advertisers can easily place the PPC ads on the search engines to gain ads that the customers can see and come to your site. More so, the marketers can use SEO through developing the web content. Through this, they can easily achieve great ranking and enjoy more visibility in search engines. There are few popular SEM services like Article Submission, Link Wheel Service etc.

Why SMM?
Then, it is also believed by some that social media marketing is superior than search engine marketing. Let’s see how it is. One of the best parts about SMM is that once you are on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, the peer recommendations happen when others like your page or status, tags your company or brand and mentions you in the Twitter handle or in FB posts.
Thus, social media marketing provides possibility of communicating with the customers on a direct basis, to stay connected with the customers and a lot more.

Choosing between the two
At the same time, while these above mentioned details may help you believe that one technique is better than the other, there is a great reason to invest your money, efforts and time into both of them and see how they work and offer you their own set of benefits.
However, if you need to choose one of them, it is recommended that you opt for search engine marketing due to the great reach of the technique and it’s amazing conversion potential.  Indeed, both strategies help each other in different ways. Search engine marketing helps SMM by keyword research and on site optimization. On the other hand, social media marketing helps the SEM with good reputation management.

Final words
So, in all, you need to see which strategy is better for you and your company. In other words, SEM is a bit better for the direct buy option while SMM is great when it comes to promoting products. Take your pick and use the amazing strategies for your online marketing campaign.

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