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Theme Test Drive WordPress Plugin – Test Theme Before Activation

WordPress users are always in search of better WordPress themes for their blogs to make them unique. The big problem is to apply new WordPress theme without testing properly. It can be disaster if new theme is broken; they can lose their sale and subscribers as well. This issue can be overcome by using most demanded “Theme Test Drive” WordPress plugin.

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Theme Test Drive plugin allows you tests any new installed theme without activation. In This way your visitors will not feel any change in theme and you can setup new theme and make all required modification and then activate it.

Let’s have a look on Installation and setup procedure for Theme Test Drive Plugin.

1-      You must have logged in as administrator
2-      Download Theme Test Drive Plugin
3-      Upload in Plugins Folder
4-      Activate from Plugin section in Dashboard

Now you can test your new theme by using following URL, Please replace XXX with your new theme.
You can also use thefollowing settings to setup Test Theme Drive.

Theme Test Drive WordPress Plugin


We are really thankful to Vladimir Prelovac a WordPress consultant for this such unique WordPress plugin.

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