Top 10 Features in BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry is a very famous phone. The exposure and increase in the cell phone industry is simply amazing. Nowadays the cell phones have become a necessity for the people. They allow you to contact almost anybody on the planet from anywhere. Therefore many industries are entering the cell phone market so that they are able to provide more options to the customers about the features of their phones. This generates great sales for them. Cell phone industry is one of the most thriving industries in the whole world and they are many key players in it.

BlackBerry Z10

One of the key players in the industry of cell phone is BlackBerry. This company has been doing wonders and has created simply amazing phones. Their target positioning is to create cell phones that would enhance the communication and interaction of their users. Therefore, they create phones that have simplified the method of how a person interacts with others. The new operating system that BlackBerry has introduced is known as the BlackBerry 10. It has a lot of amazing features and has become very famous in the short span of time. Here are the top 10 amazing features of BlackBerry 10.

  • The first famous feature is of the Story Maker in the video editing.
  • The second feature is of the 4G access from the off
  • The third feature is of the Timeshift photo app
  • The fourth feature is of the remember storage tool
  • The fifth feature is of the BB protect
  • The sixth feature is the multilingual keyboard, BB10 can compose messages in English, French and Spanish simultaneously and intuitively. More languages are expected to come soon.
  • The seventh feature is of the BB Screen Share. With this new amazing feature you will be able to video chat along with having a messaging service. This allows the users to screen their service.
  • The eighth feature is of the BB safeguard. This feature has even more power to safeguard and secure your privacy in the phone. This is one of the best features and has gotten very popular.
  • The ninth feature is of the BlackBerry Hub. This feature is like the super charged unified box. This feature has the power to aggregate all messages from your email accounts so that it can give you ease of checking emails.
  • The tenth feature is of the BlackBerry Super swish Text input. This great feature allows the users to input their text most easily. Since the rivals of the company have come up with the qwerty keypad, BB decided to introduce an even better method of text input. This is one of the most impressive text input method that the world has seen so far.

These are only few of the great features that the new operating system of the Blackberry is offering. It has all the advanced technology and has proven that it can compete in the market as well as the other phone makers. With these new features, the company has once again pulled most of its valuable customers and given them a great incentive to buy BlackBerry.
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