Top 10 Features in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


The Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 notebook is the improved version of the notebook with some very strong features like the thin panel, the lighter weight and very powerful. The Samsung Galaxy is still among the most technically sound devices nowadays. It is surely one of the most brilliant Android tablets of the year 2011.

Samsung Galaxy Note Features
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The sources claim that the Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 is way much lighter and thinner than the Apple IPad. Like the earlier version of the Samsung Galaxy phone this phone too comes with a 5.3 inches wide screen and this tablet features the Wacom feature that is a digital tablet interface and the stylus. The earlier and the smaller notepad used to slip in to the slate but this is not the problem with this phone. This gadget is a treat and pretty funny to use. The Android Honeycomb Version 3.1 which is the operating system along with the strong Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual core processor makes it a very popular and the anticipated gadget amongst the youngsters. The Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 is pretty light weight and very comfortable in holding, it is just 8.9 mm thick which is pretty unbelievable.

Using the Samsung Galaxy stylus phone is not much the same like using the Apple IPad. The basic difference in these is that the Galaxy notepad screen is pressure sensitive that means that the line weight can actually differ when anybody is drawing. The point also must be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has updated the pen technology already for distinguishing the even more degrees of the pressure. It is much improved than the earlier versions of the original Notepad. The Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 Android phone device is laced up with a strong 1.4 GHz mobile CPU , it also has got a 3 Megapixel camera in the rear side of the phone and the 2 megapixel camera in the front portion of the phone. This gadget is also packed up with the variety of ready to use software’s which also includes the Adobe Photoshop Touch and the cluster of the S-Pen Samsung Apps. People have used the Samsung Note app in which we can mark up the documents and draw the images from the scratch. The company has already warned us that the hardware is final for the device but the software was not. The drawing on the notepad is a brilliant experience and this phone has no any kind of trouble with it.

The other noticeable feature in the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 is that of the micro SD card slot, the full High definition video support and its ability to function with any kind of Wacom digital pens. The officials have also said that this tablet will also include the HSPA and also the Wi-Fi versions. It can come in the second quarter. The costing of this brilliant gadget has still not been fixed. The Samsung galaxy note 10.1 also includes some of the very interesting tricks and the stunts of the software. The One of various features is the multi touch screen functionality.

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