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Top 10 Utilities for Windows XP Users

The top 10 utilities for Windows XP users enlisted here cover a wide range of requirements, from protection to optimization to recreation and loads more.

When it comes to browsers, Mozilla Firefox is probably the best choice. Not only is it reliable and fast, it offers loads of additional features through Firefox plugins. Adobe Reader 9 is another must have for handling PDF documents. For basic image editing, image conversions etc., IrfanViewisa good choice. Among file sharing utilities, LimeWire is probably the fastest and the very best. From music to movies to images and so on and so forth, you can share virtually any kind of file. The integrated features are also very convenient. When it comes to music, and if you are the kind of person who just cannot do without it, Winamp is definitely the best choice.

One thing you really need to protect your PC from is viruses, and AVG Anti Virus is pretty good for the purpose. Apart from providing high security, it is also quite user friendly. For securing your PC from Trojans and unwanted traffic, ZoneAlarm is a good choice. Another powerful utility which can detect and remove adware is Sbybot Search and Destroy. For giving your internet speed a good boost, Download Accelerator Plus is the perfect utility. It is feature rich and improves speed considerably. For monitoring and optimization of memory, FreeRam XP Pro is the perfect utility.

1. Mozilla Firefox 3:

Firefox is one of the best browser for windows xp , it is most secure , fast and realiable. You can get lot of extra features by adding Firefox plugins. It also has Tabbed browsing , pop-blocking and integrated search engine features.

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2

2. Adobe Reader 9:

Adobe Reader 9 provides secure view , printing , sign , search on PDF documents. You can view your documents online and offline whether you are in home or office. Adobe Reader 9 is now integrated with most demanding Adobe Connect software which allows users to communicate and approvals with virtually any one anywhere at anytime
Download Adobe Reader

Download Adobe Reader 9

3. IrfanView:
IrfanView is a graphic  software that allows you  e.g Image editing and image conversion from one format to another. IrfanView is a professional graphic utlity with lot of  features which include , Thumbnail option, , batch conversion/editing, multipage editing, slide show and smulti-language support.
Download IrfanView

4. LimeWire:

Limewire is the world’s fastet and best Peer 2 Peer file sharing utility , You can share all type of files like videos, music, games, pictures, documents. Limewire has integrated features such as mirror downloading, file search, download library and file preview.
LimeWire Download

Download LimeWire

5. Winamp:

If you are a computer freak then you cant live without listening music while working, To Listen music your best choice would be Winamp, Winamp is one of the best free media player and music management. You can select your favourite skin for this player and you can create skin yourself, It has many features like multi format supported, powerful media library , Music Mixing and CD Burning support.
Download Winamp

6. FreeRAM XP Pro:

FreeRam XP Pro is a utility that supports memory monitoring and optimization and provide real time memory information, It also provides advance tray support GUI , memory reporting and diagnostic logging. It is totally free for use.
Download FreeRAM XP Pro

7. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition:

Every one want to keep secure and virus free PC. AVG Anti virus is a best anti virus software that keeps your PC secure and clean from viruses. It has user friendly interface and its virus defination database being updated daily to provide high level of security. AVG provides real time protection for all files and programms running on pc .
Download AVG Anti-Virus
Download AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

8. ZoneAlarm:

Every second viruses and trojans are develop by internet devils :), ZoneAlarm is product which is designed to protect your computer from others, It works like firewall and monitor all internet traffic and make secure your pc from unwanted traffic , It has feature to activate with screen saver after a certain perios of inactivity.
Download ZoneAlarm

Download ZoneAlarm

9. Sbybot – Search and Destroy:

Sbybot – Search and Destroy is a powerful utility that detects and removes adware files , You can also clean logging of programs and web usage from your shared computer. It has advance features to fix registery problems which is occured by adwares amd malicious programs.
Download Spybot – Search and Destroy

10. Download Accelerator Plus:

Yes now you can boost your internet speed to 200% using Download Accelerator Plus. DAP is most demanding download manager with lot of rich features like Reconnect on lost of internet connection, multi coonections, privacy tools and internet speed optimization.
Download Accelerator Plus
Download DAP

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