TOP 10 Well Designed 404 Pages


A 404 page or an error message saying ‘Not Found’ is an HTTP standard response code. This indicates that although the client could connect with the server, the server was unable to find what the client had requested. In such a case, the server that is hosting the web site in question will typically generate a web page that reads ‘404 – Not Found’, i.e. when the user is attempting to follow a link that has been broken or has become non-existent. The 404 Not Found error page is perhaps the most recognizable error message that users encounter on the World Wide Web.

To have a well designed 404 page is arguably as important as it is for a blog or website to have good content. It may so happen that a visitor lands on an error page through no real fault of yours. In such a case it is really vital for you to be able to communicate effectively with the user so as to direct them back towards the home page or to what they are looking for. A 404 page is your second chance at keeping your visitor engaged, so one should make sure that it is a really good one.

If your website or blog does not have an Error 404 page, it is probably about time that you start working towards creating one. There are some really creative webmasters all over the Internet who come with amazing 404 pages. You can find the TOP 10 Well Designed 404 Pages right here.

1- 404 Page

404 Page Design

2- 404 Error:
404 Page Design


404 Page Design

4- Error 404 : Page Not Found

5- OOPS : 404 Page


6- Error 404 : Page Doesn’t Exist
404 Page Design

7- Simple 404 Error Page
404 Page Design<

9- Error 404 ! You’ RE LOST

404 Graphics

10- Page Not Found
404 Error Page

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