Top 5 Free Keyword Rank Checker Tools for Webmasters

There are so many good free keyword rank checker tools for webmasters. Every webmaster wants to see their keywords on top of the search results. Most of the SEO campaigns are targeted SERP. Some webmasters prefer manual checking for keyword rankings, that is also very simple, but it takes time. Keyword ranking checker tools take less time as compared to manual checking, but all the tools don’t show exact results, only some tools are reliable and good which show exact results. There are some good free tools for checking keyword ranking like Google Rank Checker, Manual Keyword Rank checking, Keyword Rank Checker Tool By Antzsoftware dot com, Rank Checker by SEO book, and Rank Tracker by The Link-Assistant.

Keyword Rank Checker

Image Credit : Istwebdesigner.comGoogle Rank CheckerGoogle Rank Checker is a nice tool which helps in checking keyword ranking. This tool allows us to organize our websites into diverse projects. We can make a separate project for a particular website in this Google Rank Checker tool. It also provides an instant overview of the current ranking of your targeted keywords. This is really a good feature of this tool. This tool can also identify the link building strategies that effort especially well or recognize the strategies which don’t work properly by validating the keyword ranking history. This tool provide immediate feedback if any of your keyword rankings drop. This is 100% free tool.  There are some more good and special features in this tool. It helps to retrieve Google as well as Yahoo rankings for each and every keyword of your websites in a particular project. It intimates you immediately after any improvements or any decline of keyword rankings.

Manual Keyword Rank Checking Manual checking is also a nice way to see exact results of your keyword rankings. This is also 100% free and a very simple to check keyword rankings manually, only you need to keep your keyword in the search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc and find your website in the organic results. Generally people prefer Google search engine. You also need to remember one more thing that you should check the keyword rankings in the search engine s for specific country or continents, like if your website is a UK domain and you are targeting UK then you must check rankings in

Keyword Rank Checker Tool By Antzsoftware This is also fee Keyword Rank Checking tool. This tool is designed by, and it is extremely free tool.

Rank Checker by SEO book It is a free tool for checking keyword rankings, it is a Firefox extension, and this also provides easy way to monitor the keyword rankings s. Users can easily monitor website rankings for the keywords in various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. But sometimes this tool generate inaccurate results, that’s webmasters use some reliable tools to check keyword rankings.

Rank Tracker by The Link-Assistant It is also one of the good and free keyword ranking checker tool, however paid version of this tool is also available. The good thing about this tool is that the webmaster can check unlimited numbers of website’s ranking for targeted keywords in approximately 700 search engines. This Rank tracker tool also provide the facility to check Competition Tracking, so that we can compare their website’s rankings with their major competitors.

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