TOP 5 Free Online Seo Tools for Webmasters


In the world of Webmasters, everyone tries to rank their websites high in search engines by applying different SEO techniques. In addition to this they always keen to check the ranking and look after which external websites or domain benefit them or hurt the ranking of their websites. This is where SEO tools comes in picture and help them to see all the factors which help them to achieve the results of their SEO efforts. We are providing here list of free SEO tools to check your website ranking, speed, backlinks etc.,

1- Domain Authority

Domain Authority and Page Authority is points based scale from 0 to 100 where 0 is low and 100 is highest to judge how well domain is ranking in search engines. This system is developed by MOZ which is a Software as a Service based in USA. Below are the few tips to increase your domain Authority.

  • Optimize your On-Page contents
  • Create Link-able Contents
  • Make sure to have responsive and Mobile Friendly website
  • Remove Bad links
  • Increase Loading Speed of your website.

You can check your domain, domain authority on below link.

Moz Domain Authority Tool

2- Duplicate Content Checker

According to google if you will use other sites contents on your site for the purpose of high search engine ranking or traffic then these duplicate contents can hurt your site and it can be penalized by google algorithms. However, if you want to use the little duplicate content that would not hurt your ranking such as quoting something from other website in an original article on your website. It’s not an easy task to find duplicate content across all the websites on internet. To achieve this, you can use following duplicate content checker tool.

Duplicate Content Checker


3- Backlink Checker

If you own a website or blog and you are planning to rank your website in search engine, you will come across the word “Backlink”. Basically when a web page link to another page or in other words all coming links called Backlinks. Backlinks are very important in search engine ranking because good backlinks can give you higher ranking while bad can penalized your website in search engines. There are 3 major benefits of backlinks

  • Improve Search Engine Ranking
  • Faster Indexing of Website
  • Traffic

It is recommended to check your website backlinks time to time so if you have any bad backlinks so you can block them using Google Webmaster Tools.

Backlink Checker

4- Keyword Suggestion

Keywords play vital role in Search engine optimization and your campaigns for Search engine marketing. You should focus on some keywords for which you want your website to rank. A good keyword suggestion tool will increase and improve traffic and must have at least following features.

  • Estimated Search Volume
  • Related Search Terms
  • Estimated Bid Price
  • Export the data to a file

Keyword Suggesion


5- XML Sitemap Generator

Sitemap is special XML file which contains all the links and structure of link of website. This file tells google and other search engines about the link structure of website. Normally this file is known by “sitemap.xml” name. You must submit this file to all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. You can use following free XML sitemap generator to generate a proper sitemap file which will be accepted by search engines.

XML Sitemap Generator

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  1. SEO Service says

    Thanks for the list of tools. I was wondering if i need to look over all the links for my website. As the above mentioned tool will only show 1000 links then what about other links? Is there any tool that can show me all the links whatever the number is?

  2. bbriniotis says

    You should also check the Free SEO Tools of

    There is a tool called Web SEO Analysis Tool what allows you to perform a PageRank Check, Keyword Analysis, Bookmarks Search, Incoming Links Check, Search Engine Indexation, HTML Validation, Domain Info, Page Analysis and more with a single click.

    You can find more than 12 free seo tools there. Additionally you are able to build customized reports about your sites by using your logotype.

  3. Melissa says

    Another free SEO tool is The free version allows you to see how many internal and external links you have and to see your text and html SEO scores on a page by page, and gives you an overall scorecard so you can figure out which onsite elements will move you up in the ranks the quickest. Subscriptions (monthly, six-month, year) give in-depth reports on SEO points.
    Let me know if you have any questions!

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