Top 8 WordPress Plugins To Increase Your Website Traffic

How WordPress Increases Web Traffic

Increasing traffic to your website is a necessary phenomenon. If you need to run a successful website, you need thousands of visitors to visit your website on daily basis. Relatives and friends alone cannot serve the purpose. You need high SEO for this. WordPress is a blogging platform that has gained much popularity these days. It provides many free wordpress plugins which helps to improve SEO of your website.

WordPress provides excellent tools to increase the web traffic. It has got the ability to attract large amount of online customers. It provides a variety of features which helps you to promote your website in the best way you like.

Another big advantage of using WordPress is that it’s simple to install and it shares a large community. So, it becomes easy to share any problems and get the solutions.

Top 8 plugins of WordPress to generate massive traffic are as under:

SEO by Yoast:

This plugin determines how friendly your webpage is in order to get high ranking in famous search engines. It makes sure that you are using high quality content with excellent presentation. It also attracts more traffic by allowing editing of title, tags and keywords of your post beforehand.

All in One SEO Pack:

This is one of the most famous WordPress plugin. One doesn’t need to be SEO expert for its usage. Anyone can use this easily for making a Google friendly website.

WP to Twitter:

When you create a website, this plugin helps you to create posts on your Twitter account automatically. It offers a platform of social media providing all the updates and notifications instantly. In this way money and time is saved as the web personnel does not have to manually do all this work.

PopUp Domination:

It is a very useful and attention grabbing plugin that helps to involve the customer. It opens an informative popup on web page which involves the viewer immediately. If designed and presented well, it has the ability of boosting a large number of traffic.

Social Media Slider:

It is also a very effective plugin which allows viewers sharing of content with any social media website. Viewers are able to share their favorite links and URLs easily through the sliding form of this plugin. This plugin has got dual benefits. It boosts viewer’s confidence as well as helps to increase web traffic.

Tweet Old Post:

It is a very helpful plugin to tweet old posts again and again so hat they can be viewed by new visitors easily. Otherwise blogger has to spend his valuable time in doing this task. It offers many new features too like additional text, links etc.

Facebook Social Plugin:

Due to great popularity of Facebook, this plugin proves to be highly beneficial. It uses Facebook profiles of viewers effectively. This plugin shows profile pictures of the ones who have already liked your blog. So viewer can “like” your page easily without even opening his/her Facebook.

Showing Top Commentators:

This plugin is meant to encourage viewers to comment more in order to be included in top commentators. Top commentators are then given prizes in accordance to their ranking. It also increases interaction between viewers.

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