2012 Top Web Development Apps


Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Although there are a few drawbacks like virtual keyboard, still smartphones remains an effective tool for web developers. You may not know it but web dev apps can help you solve problems and gives you access to helpful designs found on the web. Here are several notable apps for Android and iOS.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas Web App

This app is highly recommended for beginning developers who are not yet accustomed to using the mouse in creating a drawing. It lets you scale your drawing with a vector-based sketchpad without pixilation and works well with high-quality touchscreen phones. You can zoom in details and make fingerprints like you can do in actual sketchpads. You can also zoom into billboard size without losing fidelity. So for beginners it’s a great tool to learn designing skills. As far as cost is concerned this app will cost you just about $9.99 which is not a bid deal for design passionate learner.

Harvest (Android, iOS)

Harvest app

Freelance web developer requires effective time-management. Hence, Harvest helps you manage your time well and track your activities in the day. It also lets you eliminate unnecessary activities and help you finish more important tasks. It has an effective feature that lets you log you hours and money to show a clear record for your clients to see. This app is free with subscription.

3. LiveView (Android, iOS)

LiveView App

Developers consider mobile apps a very powerful tool however there are apps which are only viewable for laptops and desktops. You may not see the actual design through your mobile. You may have problems with the text and image quality. Thus, LiveView lets you connect your smartphone with your desktop so you can view you app with or without a wireless internet connection. It’s a very important step before you can transfer your apps for beta testing. For all these benefits you don’t have to pay anything as this great app is free for all.

WhatTheFont (iOS)

WhatTheFont Web App

Unique Typography is a very essential element that can easily captivate viewers without affecting the message of your texts. WhatTheFont lets you grab an idea you wish to use from where you found it. For instance, you find an attractive font on a poster, book or billboard, all you have to do is to take a photo with your iPhone. Then, WhatTheFont will distinguish the font and process it and shows a preview. Then, it will provide a detailed info of the font’s owner. You can contact the owner if you wish to purchase the font and buy its rights. This lets you make realistic designs that will widen your options in terms of designs. The best thing is that this app is free.

View Web Source (Android)

View Web Source Android App

When you see a design and you find it impressive you can hardly notice the impressive details. With View Web Source, you will be able to examine the design well as you browse. Moreover, you can learn from the design. Desktop browsers let you crack codes of certain pages. However, with View Web Source you can browse through it as well. This app also lets you search through bug reports without the keyboards. This way, you can easily look through your web content and fix the problems as soon as they arrive. This could be great to keep your site perfectly clean with no bugs or other programming issues at all. This app is free.

So if you are interested in web designing or want to improve your designing skills then you must take advantage of these useful web apps which you can have with you in your smartphone. In this way you can use your smartphone as a great web design assistant to facilitate you in your creative ventures.

If you want to create a free website without learning programming skills or without asking someone else to help you then you can use website builders like IM creator or WIX to do it few hours successfully.

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