21 Top Tips to Impress in Your Next Job Interview


Job interviews are a company’s chance to make sure you can do the work for which you’ve applied—so you would think that you would be hired based on just the merits of your work. Your past success makes you more likely to land the job, right?

Well, not necessarily. Hiring managers do look at your experience and the projects you’ve done. But that’s not the only thing they consider. Companies are looking for the “total package”—someone who can not only do the work but has a great personality, the ability to learn, and a dash of charm to boot.

To that end, hiring managers take note of these factors during the job interview. They watch to see how you present yourself, how confident you are, how prepared you are. That’s why being adequately prepared for your interview is just as critical as having a good resume when it comes to landing your dream job.

These 21 job interviewing tips from Company Folders will teach you how to put  your best foot forward in your interview—from start to finish. You’ll learn useful tips like:

  • What to take with you
  • What to do before the interview
  • How to use your body language
  • How to handle trick questions
  • How to follow-up when the interview is over
Interview Tips
Interview Tips (InfoGraphic)

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