How to Get Massive Traffic from Tumblr

Tumblr is just another popular web 2.0 and social media networking site which can be used to generate to lot of traffic for your blog or website if used in proper way. Tumblr has millions of active users which are increasing and cannot be ignore for the opportunity to get free traffic from tumblr. Here I will enlist some tips which can help you to grow your blog traffic by using tumblr free traffic.

Create a complete profile

Your profile on tumblr should be complete with all necessary pages such as About Me, Privacy Policy, Contact Us. Your profile on tumblr is like your business card so that should be excellent

Keep your design simple

Your tumblr theme should be neat and clean, so user can read and understand your contents easily. A dark and complicated theme cannot impress your reader and they will leave your tumblr blog right away. Tumblr offers free themes so choose wisely.

Re-blogging is a good Practice

Re-blogging is a very impressive feature on blog when you re-blog others posts their posts will start showing on your feed and your readers will get new contents. On the hand it’s possible that in return original author of those posts can re-blog your posts in return.

Update frequently

In world of web, there is only one way to keep your readers to engage that update your site with new contents very often. It will also give a reason your readers to revisit your site. Another benefits of frequent posting is that search engines will rank your site higher when see fresh contents.

Quality Contents & Attractive Images

Tumblr like quality contents and attractive images. So choose wisely your images when posting on tumblr because most of visitors just like images and don’t read the whole contents, however it is also necessary to write contents to clearly explain that image. In this way you can engage both kind of visitors.

Explore Page

Once you ready with your blog and think it’s very outstanding with real contents. You can ask your friends and fans recommending you to tumblr admins. If by chance you got place on explore page , your traffic suddenly will be triple , that’s why consider your tumblr page as your real website and work hard.

Post different Types of Media

Tumblr support almost all major types of contents such as text, images, audio and video and all of them you can use them in your posts. Don’t try to force to add a video if that is not related to your contents, the same rule is for other media types.

Tags Promotion

Tags are very important on tumblr and source of your traffic. There is no limit to use tags , You can use them related to your contents and also find synonym of your tags and use them .

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