How To Increase Your Conversion Rate 100%

There are several factors to have a successful website. You have to consider the volume of traffic, the interaction and sharing, as well as the conversion rate. Among all these, the most crucial is converting regular website visitors and making them click on your site to buy something or avail of your services.

In a sales funnel, everything is aimed at conversion. This is the final step in making a customer. It may seem like a hard task, but there are ways to do it. The following are 9 easy ways to increase your conversion rate.

Improve website design, navigation, and architecture

If your website does not load in seconds you lose your customer’s interest. In the same way, if you do not have a simple website navigation, this can lead to frustration and further loss in customers. Improve your website to be easily navigable, and loads quickly.

Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly

The majority of website traffic is from mobiles. You should make sure that you design your website as mobile-friendly first, and then scalable and responsive as well. This ensures that the website is rendered properly on different devices.

Focus on your audience

There are millions of people who are online at any one time. You only need a handful of people every day to click on your site. Focus on those people who will buy from you. Define your target market or niche and find them. Remember that they are the only ones who will buy from you.

Write relevant and engaging content

If a customer does not like the content, he won’t go to the article, he won’t share it and he might lose interest in your website. Your articles should be relevant to what you are selling, and it should also be interesting enough for you to give feedback. You have to engage your customers and make them reply back to you.

Do an A/B testing

Testing the website lets the owner know which design works better. A/B testing involves different designs and discarding those which do not bring in the desired result.

Use enticing headlines and strong CTA

Headlines bring the customer to the site. It appeals to them to read the article or the landing page. The call to action gives them a reason to act. It becomes imperative for them to click on the box, or send in the form immediately.

Optimize your lead capture forms

You should keep your forms short and simple. Make use of drop downs and check boxes. Simplifying the process makes sure that the customer finishes the form and does not drop in the middle of the process.

Use social networking sites

Share your content on social networking sites. This will allow your followers to share, comment, and like the content. It will also attract more followers who are friends of friends of your followers and customers.

Include testimonials and reviews on the landing page

Feature testimonials and reviews from your customers. You should also include images or videos with the text, and link to the social media account of the customer. This gives credibility to the testimonial, and it proves that this is a real person and valued customer.

We’ve created an infographic to make customer conversion easier. Click the link to share and help fellow Internet entrepreneurs become more successful.

9 Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

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