SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review You Should Not Ignore

Web development and hosting have picked up speed in 2017 as more and more web developers and web hosting sites enter this market. Since a cloud hosting service uses an extensive network of physical servers rather than a single instance of a physical server, it is considered to be faster than a simple web hosting service. Various different types of cloud hosting services are out there in the market. The following review shall focus only on SiteGround Cloud Hosting.

Siteground is one of the best cloud hosting sites which were formed in the year 2004. It has recently successfully achieved its milestone of having 500000+ domains with the number increasing every day. SiteGround has the ability to process 1500 tickets, 1000+ phone calls and 3000+ chat requests every day. There are auto scalable resources which can be added without rebooting the entire system.

SiteGround has been known for its amazing customer service since they always respond to their customers on time. SiteGround claims that the reason for this is the fact that they believe in “Happy Employees=Happy Customers”. Cloud Hosting comes with 24/7 VIP support and support response time is less than 5 minutes on chat and 15 minutes when opening a ticket through their support section on the website.

There are basically 4 different types of cloud hosting plans which are being offered by SiteGround which start from as low as 80 dollars. The Entry level is the basic plan which offers 2CPU cores along with a 4GB memory and 40GB SSD space. This is followed by Business and Business plus. The plan which offers the most for the user is the Enterprise edition which comes with 8 CPU cores, 10GB memory, 120GB SSD space and much more. Add free CDN if you want to since that is a complementary item by SiteGround. Choose among 5 datacenters and have a fast speed. if your hosting requirements don’t fit in any of these plans then there is  an option to create the own plan according to your hosting needs
SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review

Pros of using SiteGround Cloud Hosting
  • The platform is ultra-fast and the customers have reported a high amount of speed on almost all of the servers by SiteGround as compared to other cloud hosting services.
  • No CPU over usage. Barely any CPU over usages are reported from SiteGround Cloud Hosting.
  • AutoScale feature allows you to alter resources as per requirements
  • With daily backups, your data has barely any chance of being lost
  • There is a VIP customer support system. Within 10 minutes of the ticket, you receive a reply.
  • You would be receiving free SSL certificates as well
  • WHM and cPanel would allow you to have your website ideally designed
  • Exim Mail server can help you track all the emails
  • Hosting heavy and high traffic sites is easier with more CPU cores for the enterprise edition
  • The hosting service has been optimized for most popular applications!
  • There are no major drawbacks reported for SiteGround Cloud Hosting by the existing users.
Cons of using SiteGround Cloud Hosting
  • It is much more expensive than the other cloud hosting services in the market. This can be a reason why many people might not go for it.
  • Shared plans have plan limitations as well which make it difficult for the user as well.
Do We Recommend SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Considering several different types of advantages being given by SiteGround with no major drawback, we can say that SiteGround Cloud Hosting should be used by the website owners who want to run their dedicated web applications and requires to change hosting resources often according to application requirement. Even though it may seem to be pricey but it offers you something that is worth the price. If you are low on budget, you may look for other options as well but if you have a good enough budget for your cloud hosting service provider, there can be nothing better than SiteGround Cloud hosting service. You can also make your own plan if you find the mentioned plans not up to your requirements.

  • Speed 8
  • Reliability 9
  • Support 10
  • Price 8

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