TheOneSpy Review – Cell Phone Surveillance Software

TheOneSpy is a cross platform application intended for employers, parents and spouses to track the mobile phone and computer related activities of employees, children and significant others. The surveillance app is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones and Windows and MAC computers. The spy app allows remote monitoring and controlling the targeted computer and mobile phone without leaving clues of spying. There are time-based subscriptions of surveillance software varying with subject to the operating system of the target device and package plans.

What are Core Features of TheSpyOne ?

The cell phone and computer tracking software flaunt hundreds of features to monitor employees, children and spouses. We have rounded up here only the core features to give comprehension of the software.

  • Track Messages

This app allows the end-user to read SMS, MMS and IM messages received and sent from the targeted mobile phone. The SMS logs provide with the messages timestamp and phone number of the sending and receiving parties.

  • Call Recording

The surveillance app automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls of target phone and uploads on an online account. The Call logs provide the details of phone calls and Instant Messenger (IM) calls including call type (incoming, outgoing and missed), call time, call duration and name and phone number of the caller and recipient.

  • Record Surrounding Views

The Bugging feature lets the user create Camera Bug to remotely watch and record surroundings of the target. The user can either capture photos or record short videos remotely operating the front and back cameras of the targeted device to identify the whereabouts and activities of the target. The captured photos and recorded videos get stored on the online account of the user rather than on targeted device memory. These can be watched right on the account or can be downloaded when required.

  • Listen to Surrounding Sounds

The user can create Mic Bug to activate the microphone on the target device and listen or record hearable voices and sounds. The voice recordings get stored on the online account from where these can be listened and downloaded. It allows monitoring the activities of the target performed beyond their phones.

  • Track GPS Location

The GPS location tracking feature lets you track the current and previous GPS locations of the target. It also allows marking locations to get notified in case the target crosses the boundaries. The parents can use this feature to prevent their children from entering unsafe zones and employers can know the location of their mobile workforce.

Track Mobile Number Location

  • Social Media Monitoring

The app allows spying on the popular social media and IM apps Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Kik, Tumblr, Telegram, WhatsApp, Yahoo Messenger, Line, Viber, Vine, IMO, Zalo, Hikes and Hangouts. The individual and group messages exchanged by target via these networking apps can be read; the social media postings and sharing can be tracked; friends list, followers and followings can be monitored. The social media monitoring feature facilitates parents to follow their children into the digital world with an aim to protect them from online scoundrels and predators.

  • Web Surfing

The app provides a report on the internet use of the target that shows the time, date and frequency of visiting each website on the internet browser commonly used on mobile phone and computers.

  • Web Filtering

As well as providing web browsing details, the app lets the user block objectionable and distracting websites on the target computer. The websites can be blocked by entering the URLs or keywords to block the websites and web pages containing those words. The website blocking feature does not work on mobile phones.

  • Email Tracking

The emails received and sent by the target via Gmail accounts can be read, and the email address of receiving and sending parties can be viewed. The email tracking feature works on both mobile phones and computers.

TheOneSpy Keylogs

  • Keystrokes

The spy software  provides the end-user with the keystrokes applied to the targeted mobile phone and computer including username keystrokes, passwords, email address, and messenger keystrokes. These keystrokes let the user log into the online accounts once operated on the targeted device.

  • On-demand Screenshots

The user can capture screens of target phone and computer to detect what the target is doing on these devices in real-time. The employers can detect whether the employees are busy playing solitaire on computers or performing the assigned tasks.

  • Screen Recording

The screen recording feature is offered for MAC monitoring software allowing the user to record the screen of the targeted computer. This feature allows you to record both visuals and sounds running on the targeted computer in real time.

TheOneSpy on Mac

  • User Preferences

Every user has different needs and requirements. Keeping this in mind, the app allows the user to set preferences for monitoring. For instance, if an employer is not interested in tracking the messages and calls of their employees, it can prevent the app from monitoring and upload the messages and calls on the online account.

What are Pluses?

  • It is a cross platform application that supports mobile phones, tablets and computers.
  • It supports all mobile phone networks.
  • The app icon can be hidden.
  • It allows spying on social media and IM apps.

What are Minuses?

  • Some mobile phone tracking features work only on rooted/jailbroken phones.
  • It does not allow website blocking on mobile phones.
  • It does not allow setting screen time limits for children.
  • It does not offer call interception.

Compatible Devices and OS

  • It is compatible with mobile phones and tablets running Android and iOS operating system.
  • It is compatible with computers and laptops running Windows and macOS.
  • It does not support Chinese mobile phone brands like Xiaomi.
  • It is not compatible with iOS 9 and 10.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous spying applications for tracking computers and mobile phones but we have found TheOneSpy a reliable and feature-rich app . It performs with complete secrecy and does not create noise or notification to alert the target. It allows businesses to track employee productivity, eliminate distractions and accelerate efficiency. The parents can follow their teenagers and underage children in their real and cyber world to protect them from scoundrels and cruelties of the adult world.


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